Christmas Eve Slaughter Kherson

Truth about Ukraine

Photo from Andriy Tsaplienko Telegram Channel: Kherson, Ukraine December 24, 2022

Decorations are up and in some places, Christmas lights are lit
Homes smell with borscht and other traditional dishes of the holiday
There is no joy here today, there is no anger, only sadness, tears
Blood soaks the streets of Kherson on Christmas Eve in Ukraine
Bodies, bloody, out buying gifts or having a coffee, laid in streets
How can we now celebrate this the most joyous of holidays
While innocents lay massacred in the streets, gone forever
We’ll eat the food but it won’t taste as good, the wine not as rich
Our presents will be opened and we’ll do our best to be grateful
All of us will try to smile and give a hug but our minds will remember
Those fallen ones who were just out living their lives, running errands
Anger is the usual reaction and that’s what it is now for soldiers in trenches
For us, it is a deep ache in the heart, in the soul, for the Christmas Eve dead



Living in a War Zone. An unexpected twist in life.

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