Honor and Happyness: Letters from Kyiv

A poem inspired by grafiti on the street in Kyiv

Photo by Author. Kyiv March 13, 2022

Honor scrawled in Cyrillic graffiti on a Kyivan wall
Happyness misspelled underneath says it all
How can one find happiness without that above it?
Where is peace when it is most assuredly needed?
Ukraine’s people fight with honor and courage
All of them in one way or another digging down deep

Evil has risen like a blackened cursed sun
All suns shall set as Thy Will, will be done
Yet it is still too early to plan our victory party
Too early to lay out the wine for the coming feast
First, we must all stick together and kill this beast
For a new sun is now rising bright in the East

Rockets rain down seeking innocent targets
This atrocity we and the world never forgets
Yet joy and beauty still live here among the rubble
An enemy cannot steal our souls or our spirit
We will go on so all who listen can hear it
A white dove, free, soon takes off and flies

Brothers and sisters go on fighting and living with honor
Seeking only that which is written as happiness and peace
New art shall come and many tales of heroics
In the meantime we all bare it like strong determined stoics
Soon enough the ashes of this war will blow and fade
Out of a sapling will grow of a new country made



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