Keyboard and Sword: Letters from Kyiv

A Poem for Victory

Photo by Author. Kyiv 2021

The keyboard is now the writers’ and journalists’ weapon
But a sword cannot fight weapons of mass destruction
In these awful times of death and information obstruction
The pen is obsolete as is its adversary the sword
Battlefields of blood in a river of digital information
Still run red even as the sun rises in bright reflection

A blue and gold flag rises over fallen jets and tanks
Yet, will the world let them into their coveted ranks?
Or will they now rise and set an altogether new pace
Giving hope for fallen people and the human race?
Will they be destroyed under new authoritarian masters
While others stand by and allow more manmade disasters

Where are thee, oh you so valiant knights?
In the killing fields of Ukraine, in the enemy’s sights
You stand brave, strong, knowing your struggle is pure
Holding modern weapons, your aim steady and sure
Saving lives and taking others, cheering Slava Ukraina! Fight!
A sun is rising in the East, on steppes and valleys, snows of white

How many will be left standing when this all over?
How many will mourn as their loved ones graves, they cover?
What will the world look like if this nation doth win?
If it loses, what new shining nation rises above that din?
Fighting now for the world and for all to be free
Just now, none of us really now what the outcome will be

Come rally around the flag now that waves blue and gold
A truly new nation is such a wondrous glory to behold
Rise up now and take the great and awful bull by the horns
Twist his head, lay it to the ground in a thicket of thorns
Overcome this beast from the east, north and south
Kill it, beat it and lay your weapons on its dead mouth



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