Kyiv City Urban Eco-Ideas

John Gordon Sennett
12 min readApr 27, 2023

Ukraine Recovery Plans for the Capital

Wild Honeybee in Kyiv: April 2023: Photo by Author

The city of Kyiv’s population has become very fluid since the full-scale invasion of February 24, 2022. Prior to this, the population was approximately 3.5 million. Kyiv has been absorbing Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) as a result of the war. Exact numbers are difficult, but it could be estimated to be over one hundred thousand IDP’s. The Government of Ukraine and the Kyiv City Administration have employed social services for IDPs and others economically affected by the war. Other cities further from the frontlines can also be expected to be experiencing similar strains on their economies and housing stock. Kyiv, as the capitol of Ukraine is already leading the way in finding solutions to address the rising and most likely long-lasting problems of how to integrate IDP’s into their populations. Many IDP’s may face several years before they can return to their original homes due to the absolute destruction of infrastructure and housing.

Many IDP’s suffer from psychological trauma as well as the issue of having to adjust to a more fast-paced economy in Kyiv and other cities. Kyiv and other cities will need to pursue multiple solutions, plans and routes to encourage IDP’s to become employed, start businesses and survive while their own areas are de-occupied and rebuilt. This will also apply to veterans and injured veterans of the war…