John Gordon Sennett
2 min readOct 10, 2020

A rolling rant

Demon (sitting) by Mikhail Vrubel on a trip to Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow

J.D. Harms not sure if this is what you are looking for in your Prose Poetry prompt but you caught me on a day when I am distracted from current writing project.

Some will fight and die, some will live and lie, others will give it a try while the rest might sit around pontificate, and drink Chai. Not all Leaders are Fighters, not all Fighters are Leaders, and thus, not all Leaders fight and not all Fighters lead. Are you a Fighter? Do you hang on to the old cliché “I am a Lover not a Fighter.” Who is to say you are a Lover other than those you love? But there is another class, the Fighters. No, not those who fight for what they believe in, because they would be Leaders, wouldn’t they? Instead, the ones who Fight because they cannot Lead. The ones who have the propensity and skill to inflict violence out of their own insecurity. Insecurity is an evil demon which is primarily self-created. Regurgitated whilst they masturbated and infuriated by impotent flaccidity with semen of acidity. Ludicrous ridiculousness of inflated persons feeding on undereducated minions.

Legos have now been found to have egos, which as a result have now been bought out by Donald Trump who plans to build a tower out of them and live in it. Believe, Deceive, Receive. Receive the kingdom of darkness when you subscribed to the Kingdom of Light! Jim Morrison is singing in the background; “Cancel my subscription to resurrection and send my credentials to the house of detention.” We all have friends inside, brother. Inside out, outside in, some trading their souls for a bottle of gin. Where do we go from here? Here nor there, betwixt the ether of the nether.

Lost little girls and boys we run madly swine-like over the cliff and are set adrift in a sea of torment created by digital torrent. And, we can’t pay our rent to the landlord living in the homeless tent. Who pray tell is not going to hell? Someone will surely sell you a ticket going the other way, how much will you pay?

John Gordon Sennett

Living in a War Zone. An unexpected twist in life.